Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spectral Layers promises to let you edit audio Photoshop-style (video)

Remember seeing something similiar to this a few years back on the net. There are a couple programs that do spectral audio editing including  Prosoniq's Sonicworx Isolate, Melodyne Editor and Adobe Audition ".... but Divide Frame's new Spectral Layers application looks to take things to an even more Photoshop-style extreme than other tools. While still in the alpha stage and not available to the public just yet (though both Windows and Mac versions are promised), the software does appear to be fairly complete, including the ability to use multiple layers, work with multi-channel audio, and extract individual voices, instruments, or any other noises..."

via Engadget

Thanks to my friend & fellow engineer G. for sending me the link.

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