Monday, June 6, 2011

Want to be an Engineer? Read this

Check out this excerpt from the latest post on Carlisle's blog:
"...... As I’m transitioning from an intern to general assistant to assistant engineer I started to see that what I thought was an engineer, was completely the opposite of what it really is. Richie and Suzanne always stressed that the clients were always right and over time, I saw for myself that they were right. But there were a few clients and people I saw that no matter what kind of monies they offered when my time came, I would never work with them even though they had the big budgets. You can’t work with unrealistic people that wants everything for nothing. Around this time is when I learnt that “not all money is good money” and that stayed with me forever. And I will never sacrifice my self respect for a check because 80% of them are small. Engineering is 90% problem solving and technique and 10% actually turning the knobs. But over time I realized that life in itself is the same approach and everything works the same. Only a few ever takes the time to learn things the correct way and even fewer gets to use their full potential because at the end of the day it’s all about timing."
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