Thursday, June 23, 2011

You Can Lie Your Way In But Make Sure You Know How To Do The Work

Good post about misrepresentation on Carlisle's blog. Here's an excerpt:
"Platinum Island had went through a restructuring phase and hired someone that lied about their knowledge of being an assistant. While everyone there pretty much knew everything about the place. I was pissed because I was there almost a year now making $5 an hour and this person came in making more than me. This person was put on a SWV session and it was their job to do all the alignments and studio preparation but the lies caught up. I had to help with the alignments even though I didn’t want to help and I stuck around just in case because I knew that room and the engineer fairly well. Sure enough the assistant fucked up and put the tape machines on the wrong heads and all the newly recorded vocals were out of sync with the music. There were no protools at that time so all the vocals had to be recorded over and if I remembered properly, I think Platinum Island had to give up a free day of recording. That’s a $1800 a day problem. This assistant did a few more sessions afterwards but didn’t last too long. But it’s funny that most of the bossy people that think their shit don’t stink, that I’ve met, never seem to think about the translation process. And that’s probably because they’re always too busy talking and bragging about themselves and never learned the physical job."

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