Friday, July 1, 2011

Abbey Road Studio Plugins 50% off

The Award-Winning Abbey Road Studios Plugins - 50% OFF

For a limited time only, all Abbey Road Studios plugins will have 50% slashed off the price.

TG12413 TDM was $560 now $280 Native was $335 now $165
TG Mastering Pack TDM was $560 now $280 Native was $335 now $165
RS124 TDM was $560 now $280 Native was $335 now $165
The Brilliance Pack TDM was $449 now $250 Native was $249 now $125

"I recently found myself without my Abbey Road plugins and realised I couldn't work without them. The TG12413 Limiter combined with the TG Mastering EQ's is an instant "killer" drum sound. They've become a staple part of my setup." Jake Davies, engineer (U2, Pink, Bjork, Madonna)

"The quality and warmth from the RS124 is so much the same as the original box. The plugin does that gooshy, punchy thing just like the original." David Kahne, producer (Paul McCartney, Tony Bennett, The Strokes)

"Awesome! The Brilliance Pack really enhances the presence without introducing harshness into the sound."Michael Wagener, producer/mixer (Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Alice Cooper)

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NB: This offer does not apply to any bundles or upgrades.


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