Thursday, July 28, 2011

Artists, Songwriters, Producers. Check This Out. Partnered with Music Xray to Present you with this Special Offer

Special Offer
Your music automatically matched to industry opportunities - for free
Plus: a free focus group on your music.
Click here to open a free account.
Upload your music (or import it from other sites) and watch the magic happen.
Music Xray is the online platform where over 1300 industry professionals conduct A&R (seek new songs and talent). When you open a free account and upload your music, we automatically alert you when an industry professional is seeking music like yours for a specific opportunity and then we enable you to get directly in contact with the professionals, submit your music, interact and make valuable connections.
We GUARANTEE they listen and we GUARANTEE you will get a response directly from them the very moment they hear your music.
Some of the professionals on the site include major labels such as Mercury and Geffen (Universal), Columbia and Epic (Sony), Sire (Warner), Parlophone and Capitol (EMI) as well as Hollywood music supervisors from Universal Pictures and major advertisers, video game developers, radio stations, publishers, hundreds of independent labels, Bravo, Discovery, History Channel and it's even where major television network shows like NBC's The Voice take in audition demos.
Since February of this year, over 3500 songs and acts have been selected for opportunities via Music Xray. These include major and indie label signings, songs placed in major motion pictures including the main theme in the just-released Justin Timberlake's Friends With Benefits. Some of the success stories can be read here.

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