Friday, July 22, 2011

ATI 8MX2_8 Channel MicPre and 8x2x8 Mixer

When engineers mention the ATI 8MX2 the words "great sounding" "versatile" "reliable" and "lots of headroom" are often mentioned, and with good reason. The ATI 8MX2 based on the ATI Paragon ( a highly regarded live sound console) is a high quality, sturdily built eight channel microphone preamp and mixer in one. It works well in the studio as well as for live sound. The 8MX2 can be used as a summing mixer with its eight multitrack/DAW returns and multiple units can be linked. There's also a variable threshold limiter (infinity:1 ratio) on every channel. 
Don't be fooled by it's small footprint the 8MX2 is an extremely flexible unit that will deliver the "goods" again and again.

From the website:
"The extremely versatile 8MX2 rack mount preamp/mixer provides a great deal of flexibility in just one rack space. This unit is perfect for all critical digital and analog projects, including at-home and remote recording as well as live broadcast feeds. Boasting +24 db of headroom, the 8MX2's microphone preamplifiers can be driven hard without clipping. This mixer allows engineers to feed the mixbus while simultaneously feeding the direct outputs."

The 8MX2 is now manufactured by API and has their industry-exclusive five-year parts warranty along with the reliability and long life all API products are known for.

  • 8/2/8 mixer
  • Eight line level multi-track returns
  • Eight-into-two mix bus with pan
  • 10-segment Input/Mix LED meter
  • 10-segment Gain reduction meter
  • Headphone and speaker monitor Out
  • Eight channels in 1u rack space
  • Link multiple units
Each channel includes:
  • +/- 48v Hi-voltage mic pre
  • Threshold limiter
  • Direct "Out"
  • Selectable 48v phantom power
  • Cue Select
  • Return Level pot
  • Return Pan pot
  • Mix Bus Select
  • Phase Reverse Switch

$2545.75 at Sweetwater Sound.

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