Monday, July 18, 2011

Benchmark MPA1 2-Channel Mic-Pre

Benchmark Systems is well known for their excellent AD/DA Converters and the MPA1 continues the tradition of transparent sound, form and function.
"The MPA1 is a 2-channel microphone preamplifier designed and manufactured by Benchmark Media Systems, Inc. to their exceptional standards of transparency, ultra-low distortion, and ultra-low noise performance - making the MPA1 a perfect choice for stereo pairs, ribbon mics, and any other application where purity is the goal."
It's half-rack, space saving design has no compromising effect on its sound and combined with Benchmark's ADC1 both units are an excellent choice as the input chain for your DAW. So if transparency is what you seek test drive the MPA1.

Here's a short video from Sweetwater featuring some of the MPA1's features:


• Two Transformerless Microphone Inputs

• Two Balanced Direct Outputs (XLR)

• Monolithic Low-Noise Transistor Quads on Each Microphone Input

• Precision-Tuned, Two-Stage RF Filter on Each Microphone Input

• Precision-Matched Resistor Gain Control Switches on Every Microphone Input

• 2-dB per Switch Step; Maximum Gain - 74 dB; Maximum Gain - 0 dB (Unity)

• ‘Virtual’ 38-position Gain Control Switch for Continuous Gain Control

• Four Segment Gain Range Indicator

• +27.5 dBu Maximum Input Level

• +27.5 dBu Maximum Output Level on Balanced Outputs

• Actively Balanced Transformerless Outputs

• High-Current High-Speed Low-Capacitance Phantom Protection Circuits

• Fully Protected Against Phantom Hot-Plug and Cable-Shorting Scenarios

• Phantom-Disable Feature for Dedicated Ribbon Microphone Application

• +48v Phantom Power Switch on Every Microphone Input

• 40 Hz High-Pass Filter Switch on Every Microphone Input (12 dB/octave)

• Polarity Switch on Every Microphone Input

• Four-Segment LED Output Level Meter (-20 dBu, +4 dBu, +24 dBu, +29 dBu)

• HPA2™ “0-Ohm” 1/4” TRS Headphone Output

• +23.5 dBu Maximum Headphone Output Level

• 41-Detent Headphone Level Control

• Ultra-Quiet Linear Power Supply with Rear-Panel Input Voltage Selector

• Complies with FCC and CE Regulations

• RoHS Compliant

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