Thursday, July 14, 2011

Slate Pro Audio Dragon - Dynamics Processor

The Slate Pro Audio Dragon is an extremely versatile, well built and great sounding compressor/ limiter.
Whether you work ITB, OTB or hybrid (combination of both) this compressor/limiter would be a great addition to your studio. Useful for both tracking and mixing. Link two for use on stereo groups/busses or master out of your favorite DAW.

From their website:

"The new SLATE PRO AUDIO DRAGON is unlike any dynamic audio processor you've heard before. Simply put, the DRAGON was created to be the most versatile compressor, limiter, and sound shaping tool that the pro audio industry has ever seen.

The Concept

The DRAGON starts with a classic FET compressor circuit, reminiscent of vintage units from the 60's and 70's. But the SLATE PRO AUDIO engineers enhanced the circuitry of the unit with a mastering grade signal path, including a CLASS A output section based around a custom-made transformer. The result is a compression quality that is rich and warm, but is also capable of sharp and aggressive tones. But this is only the start of what the DRAGON can do."

Here's an excerpt from an excellent SOS review:

"The Dragon is quite an unusual compressor because it offers so much in the way of additional tonal variation and saturation effects compared to most conventional units. With the Vintage, Sheen, Bite and Boom sound-mode switches, the Dragon can be set up with ease to provide anything from really quite crisp and sharp-sounding dynamic control on the one hand, right through to dark, warm and organic characters on the other — plus pretty much everything else in between.
The mode switches all live up to their names very well too. Boom does indeed fill out that bottom end (although you’ll need full-range monitors and a good room to really appreciate the magic going on in the bottom octave) and Vintage brings that harmonic complexity associated with transformers and valves. Sheen really does smooth out the top end in a classic vintage opto-comp way, while Bite introduces an edge that really helps the source cut through."

Audio demos of the Dragon can be found here.

Check out Zen Pro Audio's video demo:

$1799 at Zen Pro Audio

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