Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WavesTune 80% off

Waves Tune is not as well known as Antares Autotune but it is just as capable if not more so. I'm currently mixing a song where I'm using this on the lead vocal in some spots. Take a look at the videos below for tips on how to use WavesTune.

The singer has just wrapped up an amazing take. The phrasing, the emotion, the delivery, it’s all there. But there are notes you’d like to change, and others that need to be fixed. You need perfect pitch transformation. You need precision realtime editing capabilities. You need Waves Tune.

With full ReWire support, formant correction, and an extensive palette of pitch shaping tools, Waves Tune lets you do all your editing from within your DAW - no need to export sections or work offline. Better sounding and more flexible than any other pitch correction processor, WavesTune will get your vocals back on track.


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