Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Slate Digital 40% Off Summer VCC Sale and Video of their FOX Dual Mic Preamp

August 22nd 2011

Get Up To 40% off the Virtual Console Collection

The Virtual Console Collection has been called a major.. dare we say it.. GAME CHANGER in digital audio.  It brings the authentic sound of four world class analog mixers right into your workstation.  Using the Virtual Console Collection plugins will bring more space, depth, width, punch, and dimension to your mixes.  And for one week only, you can get the Virtual Console Collection for $149 (no ilok2) or $179 WITH EXPRESS SHIPPING of the ilok2 to your door!  International customers can get the VCC with ilok2 express shipping for only $189! The VCC 1.3.5 has now been CPU optimized and is fully compatible with 64bit workstations!  

Go to the Slate Digital Online Shop and take advantage of this wonderful deal.

Trisha Lurie Shows off the FOX Dual Mic Preamp

Talented Singer/Songwriter Trisha Lurie shows off how versatile our FOX mic pre is by singing through all four circuits.  The FOX has four independent mic pre circuits ranging for the fat and warm VINTAGE circuit to the clean and sparkly MODERN circuit, as well as to variations that combine the two!  Check it out at the SlateDigital TV youtube page:

Then go to the Slate Pro Audio website to read more and find a dealer to demo.

I mentioned the Fox in an earlier post.

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