Tuesday, September 27, 2011

AEX Labs AX-1 Nearfield Monitor Series



Michael Joseph of AEX Labs recently sent me some literature about their line of speakers. They have an interesting design and impressive specs. Look forward to trying them out  soon.

AX-1       8" 2 way nearfield monitor
AX-1a     6" 2 way nearfield monitor
AX-1.1    Dual 8" 2 way nearfield monitor
The AX-1 "The Axe" is small in size yet huge sounding, and will provide 100 DB of world class sound with an amazing ability to finesse and astound at the same time. The AX-1 is a 2-way, bi-amp, active monitor, built and designed to be completely accurate and flat. The AX-1 will reproduce audio with extraordinary realism and clarity.



  • HF-1 Ribbon Driver
  • MB-6/8 Midbass Driver
  • CCAS Bi-Amplified Control System*
  • Large, Precise Soundstage and Imaging 
  • Low Fatigue At Higher Output Levels
  • USB Interface To ANY Computer*
  • Speakon A/C Cable*
  • WBT Binding Posts 

        *Active Model


  HF DriverHF-1HF-1HF-1
  LF DriverMB-6MB-82- MB-8
  Sensitivity (1w/1m)100db100db100db
  Frequency Response100-40khz70-40khz50-40khz
  Impedance (LF/HF Passive)8/8 ohm8/8 ohm4/8 ohm
  Power Handling (LF/HF Passive)200w/150w      300w/150w      600w/150w
  CCAS Output  (LF/HF)350w/175w350w/175w500w/175w
  Recommended Crossover Freq.700-800hz700-800hz700-800hz
  Dimensions (W x H x D) 17"x12"x9"22"x12"x12"27"x12"x12"
  Dimensions (W x H x D (with CCAS)        19"x12"x9"22"x12"x12"27"x12"x12"
  Weight (Passive/Active)30/45 lbs.35/50 lbs.40/55 lbs

AEX also has midfield (AX-2 series) and Mains (AX-5, 8 & 25.5/28.5 series).

Make sure to check out their new flagship model the AX-8.4.2 which was originally designed for John Powell's 8000 sq.ft. L.A. facility.

"This model includes the LF18 Bass Driver, our flagship low frequency driver, capable of handling over 2,000 watts. The AX-8.4.2 also contains 4 MB6 midbass drivers, (one on each side of 2 stacked HF1 high frequency drivers (allowing for an asymmetrical configuration). The total power handling capabilities of this monitor is an incredible 3,150 watts per channel. The AX-8.4.2 effortlessly provides remarkable world class sound (for cinema, multichannel, etc.) at high output levels with no fatigue. This model is a tri-amplified, active, full range monitor. Built and designed to be completely accurate and flat, the AX-8.4.2 will reproduce audio with extraordinary realism and clarity."

For more info visit http://www.aexlabs.com/

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