Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Schmidlin Fed+ All Tube Audio Compressor

The Schmidlin Fed+ All Tube Audio Compressor is inspired by the Federal AM-864/U 
compressor-limiter but with added features for today's market. I like that it can be used as a
tube pre when used with a high output microphone:

"Note that this unit can be used as a tube pre utilizing the 22dB gain (by maximizing the
Threshold and minimizing the Ratio). This requires an efficient mic and a strong signal for best effect, so a ribbon mic with a violin (for example) would not be sufficient. If the unit is hit really
hard, some compression does kick in"

Audio clips in mp3 and Wav format comparing the Fed+ on different sources are available on their website.


Build Quality:
- British input transformer
- USA power and output transformer
- Paper-in-oil (glass sealed) signal and side chain capacitors
- Carbon-film resistors
- 3 1/2" Analog meter
- Solid state rectification with additional power supply smoothing
- All aluminum powder-coated chassis
- Balance Adjust for calibrating the 6BD6 tubes (when re-tubing)

Sonic Specifications:
- 600 ohms in and out, balanced
- Available Gain Reduction: 25dB
- Gain Reduction Threshold: +10dBm to -30 dBm
- Total System Gain: 22 dB gain above unity
- Frequency Response: +/- .25 dB 20-20,000 Hz
- Noise: -70dB or better referenced to gain reduction threshold
- Maximum input: 24 dBm
- Maximum output: 20 dBm

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