Thursday, October 6, 2011

Softube Summit Audio TLA-100A $229 and 50% off their plugins

I love the sound of the Summit TLA-100A and have used it for tracking and mixing. Dialing in just the right amount of compression is easy as 1-2-3. 
Now Softube has released the plugin version of the TLA-100 with some additional features. Can't wait to try it on the mix I'm doing today. They're also still doing their 50% off sale on the rest of their plugins.

From Softube's website:

The Summit Audio TLA-100A is the"set-and-forget" compressor, with a program-dependent nature that works with the signal to provide optimal performance without constant tweaking. Its ease-of-use and warm, rich sound is why it is still, after more than a quarter of a century, regarded as an industry standard for mixing, tracking and live usage. Both tube and solid state technologies are combined in this innovative design which has made the TLA-100A a tried-and-true choice for vocals, in addition to bass, drums and guitar.
While being true to the simplicity of the original, additional features have been added to the plug-in that bring the TLA-100A capabilities up-to-date with modern production techniques. The plug-in features: Parallel Compression, Saturation Control and Low Cut Filtering, expanding the possibilities of this classic workhorse, while maintaining the sound characteristics expected from this venerable compressor.

In Short

  • The first and only Summit Audio plug-in
  • Easy to use
  • Built-in parallel compression and detector filtering
  • Each and every component carefully modeled.
  • Modeled output distortion, easily controlled with the Saturation knob.
  • Extremely analog behavior of frequencies, phase, distortion, attack, release, etc.


Vintage Section The original controls for the original sound.
Attack/Release Time Two 3-way switches for setting the times.
Meter Set the VU to show either output volume or gain reduction.
GainOutput volume control.
VU MeterModeled VU meter with realistic ballistics.
Gain ReductionSets the amount of soft knee gain reduction.
Sidechain Selects between internal and external sidechain.
Modern Section Modern features that give you even more tone-shaping abilities.
Low Cut A super-smooth 6 dB/oct low cut filter.

Low Cut SelectChoose between detector or input filtering.
Saturation An easy way to control the original output distortion without compensating for volume changes.
Parallel Compression You really love this feature, right?

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