Monday, November 28, 2011

Kontrol Surface 1974 | KS-1974 multi-touch MIDI control surface

The KS-1974 is a new multi-touch, fully customizable Midi control surface from SmithsonMartin. 
 "Connect the KS-1974 to your laptop, desktop or any computer to transform them into a powerful and comfortable 22 inch surface with 4 simultaneous touch points. This is perfect for your studio or live performances. KS-1974 is a state-of-the-art DJ, VJ, and Studio Production tool. KS-1974 is the perfect size for any DJ booth or studio desk.
KS-1974 is the newest product from SmithsonMartin, winners of the 2011 DJ Mag Tech Awards: “Most Innovative Product”.  Emulator for Traktor and Emulator Modular come bundled with the KS-1974.
Emulator Modular includes a complete set of objects so you can completely custom design your own multi-touch interface with buttons, sliders, circular knobs, jog wheels and even your own custom graphics."
Available January 2012. Price TBA.
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