Sunday, October 28, 2012

THE BETTERMAKER 502P - 500 series Analog EQ with Recall

THE BETTERMAKER 502P is now being shown at the 2012 AES show in San Francisco and its sure to become a quick favorite not only because of its sonics but due to its complete integration with your DAW. You can recall settings with your sessions and control/automate it from within the DAW with the plugin. Marek says its the same circuitry as their 230P rack mount Eq that I blogged about previouslyThe 502P is a stereo 500 series unit that connects to your computer via USB.

  • Stereo Passive Analog EQ
  • 399 recall presets on the unit
  • Full D.A.W recall in your session
  • The EQ follows the plugin as well as the plugin follows the EQ
  • Full automation via plugins (RTAS, AU, VST, 32,64)

MSRP: $1450

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