Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Roots - Tree Audio's 8 Channel/2 Buss Tube Hybrid Console

I like the retro look of Tree Audio's-The Roots console and hope I can demo it soon. It received rave reviews at the recent AES Convention. I can see using it to record live instruments such as drums, bass, guitars and even synths. I'm also curious to see how well the built-in Mic Pres handle vocal recordings.
I wonder how well it would handle summing for my DAW? If it sounds anything like how it looks I don't think I will be disappointed. Plus it has 4 available slots for 500 series modules built right into the Master section.

 Take a look at the pic of a single channel module below:

Note the built in Limiter with selectable 250hz HPF filter and the channel's meter can be set to read input level, output or gain reduction. (Hmmm... I wonder how drums would sound with the limiter pot turned to say....3 o'clock?). Some may be put off by the non-variable equalizer frequencies and level controls but if you've ever used a Neve 1073 or Pultec EQP-1A you know that units with fixed frequency points can actually be quite musical in nature and are usually more appropriate for broad strokes than sonic surgery.

Take a look at the back panel:


Notice the multitude of connectors available including those for your 500 series modules(upper left). There are also connectors for 2 pairs of speakers and 2 stereo Aux returns that go straight to the stereo buss. 

Here's a list of "The Roots" features:

  • All tube EQ and limiter on each channel
  • 4 slots for 500 Series modules
  • Vacuum tube regulated supply for all tube input modules
  • Meter
  • Meter select (input, gain reduction, output)
  • Pan
  • Stereo buss switch (removes signal from stereo buss for direct out)
  • Aux send 1
  • Aux send 2
  • Pre, off, post switch
  • Lo Freq EQ - 50 Hz, 80 Hz, 100 Hz ,400 Hz
  • Hi Freq EQ - 7K, 10K, 12K, 16K
  • Gain reduction pot (limiter)
  • Limiter switch (out, in , HPF) 250 HZ 12DB per octave
  • Line, mic, mic reverse phase
  • Pad switch (off, -10, -20)
  • Mute, on , solo
  • Big knob level pot
  • Buss Master 1 & 2
  • Aux master 1 & 2
  • Talkback mic XLR
  • Talkback level
  • External Aux in 1 (mute, on, solo)
  • External Aux in 2 (mute, on, solo)
  • Monitor
  • Source Select
  • Speaker Select
  • Big knob monitor level
  • Mic in, line in, direct out
  • Phantom power switch (all modules and talkback mic)
  • Master section ins and outs
  • Control room monitor outputs
  • If used as a direct out with no bussing, all pure transformers and tubes
  • When use thru the bussing, Inward Connections SP690 alldiscrete blocks
The Roots console is available in 8 or 16 Channel configurations.

For more info and any questions on pricing and availability visit Tree Audio's website.


  1. Hi Gary,

    A friend just sent me this link, with your post about our Roots console. Very cool! Thanks for posting all this info. I'm Ian Gardiner with Tree Audio, and would love to have you demo The Roots console in the future.

    If interested, please email me,


    Tree Audio: