Thursday, October 8, 2015

What do you think of the new MPC Touch?

    Akai has announced the MPC Touch which has the same attributes as their classic drum machines but now with a touchscreen. I'm a MPC fan but I'm used to the "ol' skool" 3k/2k/4k series. However I'm open-minded especially when it comes to creative tools. I hope to audition one soon to see how well the touchscreen is implemented.

"The new MPC Touch revolutionizes the art of music production by combining professional grade hardware worthy of carrying the MPC shield with a hyper-intuitive multi-touch screen. The result - the most immersive music producing experience to date."

   Check out the videos below and give me some feedback. Thanks:

Visit for more info.


  1. since I've never used this product or one like it before have to ask. Are the buttons able to be programmed to fire off any audio file? How long of a file? What format? Looks like a cool piece of gear for beats. I am thinking of using it for other purpose however.

  2. I haven't used the MPC Touch yet but I'm familiar with the older MPC models and you can use them to trigger one shot samples and loops up to the memory limit. You can also use it as a sequencer and a controller for external modules.