Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bryston 4B SST2 Amplifier

Bryston SST Series Amplifiers:
Bryston has a continuing commitment to design and manufacture the most accurate and reliable audio products available. We maintain an extensive research and development division, which is constantly looking for methods to improve the performance, value and reliability of our amplifiers. The Bryston SST Series of amplifiers is the direct result of this continuing quest for perfection. These amplifiers represent a significant step forward in the art and science of audio amplification. Among the advances included in this new SST Series are: Faster, more linear and more reliable output transistors for better high frequency accuracy; doubled filter capacitance for even deeper and better-controlled bass; a new proprietary grounding protocol which eliminates the need for ground-lift switches and reduces system noise; new computer-modeled heatsink profile for cooler operation and longer component life. Sound quality is improved to a stunning degree. Reviewers agree, this new product line sets a higher standard for musical accuracy than ever before possible.

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