Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Marriage of Analog and Digital: the Moog Synthesizer Meets the iPad

From NAMM this year comes news of one of the coolest synthesizers money can’t buy. The OMG-1 is a one-of-a kind, custom endeavor designed by Eric Persing of Spectrasonics, the grand prize for an upcoming fundraising effort benefiting the Bob Moog Foundation.
The OMG-1 contains a Moog Little Phatty analog synthesizer, Spectrasonics Omnisphere software synth, anApple Mac Mini, two iPads, two iPod touches, and the Omni TR iPad app. Installed in a beautiful
handcrafted curly maple cabinet, the OMG-1 is designed as a highly versatile live performance instrument.

Says Persing:
I’ll never forget the first time I played a Minimoog when I was a little kid…it truly changed my life! So, it’s a privilege after all these years to give back to the foundation honoring my hero Bob Moog and keeping the spirit and history of his inventions alive for the next generation. I had a blast designing the OMG-1 with Dan and I can’t wait to see who wins it!
Truly a convergence of analog and digital technologies, integrating the worlds of analog synthesis, computers, software synthesis and multi-touch surfaces. The fundraiser is in mid-March and details are forthcoming.

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