Thursday, March 31, 2011

MCAudioLab PE1ch Valve Recording Channel

MCAudioLab PE1ch is a valve recording channel with D.I.
This valve circuitry provides low distortion, low noise, high headroom and wide bandwidth
for a better quality of sound.
Coupling transformers provide balanced and floating input connections
with low impedance microphones.
PE1ch is designed for location recording and for studio sessions. It represents the best performance
attainable with this type of circuitry.
The PE1ch can be used for all types of recording: vocals (male and female), acoustic, electric and
classical instruments and for highly performing.
Each unit and its solid construction are last long and fully used.

PE1ch is designed for use in professional recording environments and it accepts all low impedance balanced microphones.
On each recording channel there are three bands of EQ.
All the equalizing circuitry is completely passive.
Each single unit is hand-made, it has been meticulously tested and listened before delivering to the customer.

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