Thursday, March 31, 2011

The New Harrison 950m Mixing Consoles

The New Harrison 950m Mixing Consoles

3 configurations 12, 16, 24 channel frames

16 Channel (Pictured)

4 Mono / Mic Line 

3 Band Shelved EQ with Hi and Lo Pass Filters

12 Stereo Modules 

4 Aux Sends

28 Mix Inputs 

Dual Mix Master (selectable between Transformer and Electronic)

Monitor Module Dual 

Studio Module Output / 

Meters 32.1” W x 37.4” D x 10.2” H

High Performance Modular Analog Console
- Two Premium Stereo Analog Mix Bus Output Flavors “Red” Stereo Mix Bus 1 (Transformer Balanced Output Stage) “Black” Stereo Mix Bus 2 (Electronic Balanced Output Stage)

- More Mixing Inputs / More Efficient Footprint - Stereo Modules (expand mix inputs, ideal for DAW stereo stem returns) - Mono Mic / Line Modules (perfect for recording / overdubbing) - Inserts and Direct Outputs (for interfacing your favorite toys) - Compliments DAW and Outboard Gear Choices

You can choose any configurations of modules but in groups of 4 of similar kind. There are Mono modules with line, Mic Pre and Stereo Modules. The 4 Master section Modules come stock with the frames.

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