Sunday, March 27, 2011

NEVE 8078 Analog Recording Console $225,000.00

Custom API input section and 5.1 Monitoring Flying Faders
Classic NEVE 8078 circa 1977 ex A&R Recording Studios 

In addition to 40 channels of 31105 4 Band Mic Pre/EQ this console has a custom balanced 16 channel API input section with 550S EQ’ s and 56 Channels of Martin Sound Flying Faders. 

In the Mid 1990's All send and aux pots in all channels where replaced with new clarostats, balanced meter amps and a new Moss and Mitchell TT Patchbay where added. 

Features / Mods:
In addition to the cosmetic re-fitting done in the spring of 1999 which included fabrication of a new leather bolster, new red oak trim and re-screening the panels, a complete hardware inspection and extensive re-furb were performed.

This re-furb encompassed all aspects of the console with a focus on the utmost signal integrity without losing that vintage “Neve” sound for which these consoles are so vastly sought after. Every module was removed, cleaned and upgraded. The monitor section was modified with balanced output drivers on each channel to allow recording directly to tape from the monitor section. This facilitated an increase in headroom from +18 to +26dB as well. A custom “Producers Desk” was built into a bucket containing (8) Channels of API 512 Pre’s and (16) channels of API 550 EQ’s (normalled to the monitor section while fully patchable), 5.1 monitoring control, Lynx System Supervisor Control unit (allows control of up to four Lynx synchronizers), (8) 2-Track Playback selectors and an additional (4) Shep 31105 modules, bringing the total number of Mic inputs to 52.

Modification Summary:
* All monitor channels headroom increased from +18dbv clipping to +26dbv clipping
* All monitor channels have balanced output amp which allows send to tape
* 4T2 to 4t1 fold-down, which allows 72 channels for mixdown
* Frequency response improvement mod.
* Active meter amps with Line in, Buss, or Monitor selector
* API EQ’s with Balanced +26dbv headroom in and out
* 5.1 Monitor Control
* Lynx System Supervisor
* 4t1 Stereo Buss Insert Send/Return Circuit
* Phoenix Audio class A output stage on mix out

Included Accessories:
All Manuals, schematics and service documents, power supplies and related wiring. spare parts, spare power supply, extra 31105, extra API EQ.

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