Sunday, March 27, 2011

SSL XL 9080 K (Used) $200,000.00

Solid State Logic introduced the the “K” in 2002 providing the dual benefits of a full 5.1 surround architecture and the increased bandwidth and resolution demanded by top mixers. 

The XL 9000 K Series high speed computer is lightning fast dependable and super stable. Your recalls will come up instantly. The big brother to the J Series first introduced in 1994. The “K” is THE ultimate in Analog Large Format mixing consoles. Key features of the XL include: Ultra-high quality signal path optimized for the higher sampling frequencies available with DVD-A and SCAD Full 5.1 mix bus, master fader, mix compressor, monitoring and metering 6-channel monitor insert, plus support for three external 6-channel sources Integral LFE Filtering for Dolby(tm) & DTS(tm) encoding UltiPan(tm) automated surround panning LCR panning on every channel LCR focus control and surround routing on echo return Full, simultaneous fader access to all mix busses 5.1 stereo downmix function K Series automation computer with on-line mix compare feature Advanced photo-realistic Total Recall(tm) Remote SuperAnalogue(tm) mic amps (option) Audio Excellence for DVD-A and SACD The XL console offers unprecedented audio performance to meet the advanced, higher sampling frequency formats that consumers will soon be enjoying with DVD-A and SACD with an audio bandwidth extends nearly two octaves beyond a 96kHz recorder. Supreme surround sound performance  

In addition to audio quality, the XL provides the ultimate in surround efficiency within the analogue domain. A full 5.1 mix bus, master fader and mix compressor, combined with LCR panning add to the state-of-the-art specification, while the console also provides full simultaneous fader access to all mix busses. The K Series monitor insert point and the three external sources have all been expanded to six channels for maximum flexibility. For moving projects into stereo, a stereo downmix output allows stereo mixes to be quickly generated from a 5.1 mix. The XL's innovative and unique UltiPan(tm) system ensures that dynamic, multipoint surround panning is simple and intuitive to operate. K Series Automation Computer Based on the HS Control Processor in SSL's successful digital consoles, the K Series Automation Computer provides high-speed control of all automated functions. Complex mixes can be handled with breathtaking speed, while loading and saving projects is also much faster. The incredible power of the system enables a number of new and enhanced features to be realized including a screen display of individual machine transport position, allowing multiple machines to be offset quickly and accurately. Another new feature, On-line Mix Compare, provides on-demand auditioning of up to six different mix passes without interruption to playback. Enhanced graphics and Flat Screen TFT Display  

To maximize the benefit of ultra-high resolution graphics, the K Series Computer has a new multi-angle, high-resolution TFT screen, integrated within the console's center section. An additional X-VGA input enables switchable display of editor/workstation output. Remote SuperAnalogue Mic-Amps (option) In addition to the XL's outstanding on-board microphone amplifiers, the console can be optionally fitted with remote mic amps, which are controlled directly from the XL channel module. The remote-powered DC mic amps are designed to be located as close to the original signal source as possible, ensuring the best signal input quality.

 A revised circuit design further improves upon the SL 9000 J's mic amp sonic performance, producing results of breathtaking clarity. Control is fully integrated within the existing console architecture, and supported by the K Series advanced photo-realistic Total Recall(tm) system. The new remote mic amps are a sophisticated and ergonomic solution for those seeking the ultimate in sonic performance. Distinctive Styling The XL's new Raven Sparkle appearance, new frame design and consolidated center section makes for a highly distinctive yet instantly familiar console. Optionally, input control from both pen or 'puck' can be switched at the press of a button to control PC-based editors, as well as the new infrared QWERTY keyboard. All these features have been designed in response to the original consoles extensive user-base throughout the 175 locations in which it is installed throughout the world. Niall Feldman, Director of Product Marketing for SSL reflects: "In the eight years since the first introduction of the SL 9000, we have listened carefully to the comments of owners and users alike. With higher resolution recording formats and surround production presenting a huge opportunity for studios, the time is right for SSL to further the potential of analogue console technology in the form of the XL."

  • Beautiful Ravel Sparkle finish
  • Loaded with 80 channels, Winged desk built from 5 sections
  • Remote 17-strip Patchbay with 12.5 meter cabling for accessibility

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