Monday, March 21, 2011

T-Mobile: iPhone Isn’t Coming To Our Network Anytime Soon

The Daily Mail — I know! — has posted up an excellent bio on Jonny Ive, explaining how the soft-spoken muscle man from Chingford went from designing toilet bowls — I know! — to becoming the lead designer over at Apple, which they argue makes him the most valuable Englishman on Earth.
From a news perspective, the most interesting detail of the bio might be word from close friends of Ive who say that he has no intention of leaving Apple to go back to the UK, and is, in fact, looking to sell his Grade II mansion in Britain to concentrate on America more closely.
There’s so much more, though. For example, this fantastic description of how Ive met Jobs, which has got to be heartening to anyone who has toiled away in a thankless job, his talents unrecognized: you too might suddenly meet someone who will transform your life forever.

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