Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TC M-5000

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I used the M5000 when mixing Kevin Lyttle’ s @Kevinlyttle album “ KEVIN LYTTLE” for Atlantic Records @AtlanticRecords . The TC M5000 (approx. $2k used) is a reverb and multi-fx unit based on a modular (mainframe) concept. this allows the end user to configure it as needed with room for
expansion. It has since been replaced by the System 6000 which carries on the legacy of the M5000.
The M5000 is very solidly built and provides great reverbs, delays, chorusing and phasing. Consider yourself lucky if you are able to find one with the ADA-2 24bit/96k I/O cards and MD2 mastering/dynamics software option. The unit is fairly easy to use but comes with an extensive manual which I recommend skimming the first time using the unit, especially the quick start section for proper
connection and gain staging to your other gear.

Here’ s a link to the M5000 manuals on TC Electronics @tcelectronic website http://www.tcelectronic.com/m5000manuals.asp The M5000 can hold up to four DSP engines in the module slots that are accessed from the rear of the unit which allows you to have up to four world class reverbs/multifx boxes in one unit all easily accessed from the remote control (called an ATAC). To take it a step further you can control up to . The unit has digital and analog I/O which is determined by
the number of installed DSPs. Up to four Digital I/Os are possible with a fully expanded M5000. This makes it a great addition to any DAW/Digital studio. It also has MIDI I/O and even a SMPTE input which allows for automated program or parameter changes. To select a program press the switch labeled program and scroll with the knob labeled program then to make your selection active press the switch labeled DO. To edit a patch press EDIT and turn the knobs labeled A, B and C to adjust the parameters of the program. To switch between your adjusted setting and the default settings press the switch labeled UNDO. TC Electronic’ s reputation for transparent and high quality reverbs and effects really stands out in the M5000 and I’ m happy to know it has been carried over to the System 6000. For more info on TC Electronic’ s current hardware and software lineup visit http://www.tcelectronic.com/

Here’ s a link to Kevin’ s album on iTunes @iTunesMusic http://


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