Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Atomisonic N4CR Dynoray is a FET compressor, mic preamp, and distortion effects device.

The Atomisonic N4CR Dynoray is an unusual device based on the Shure Level-Loc which was made famous by Tchad Blake and Mitchell Froom (Los Lobos "La Bamba"). They used it's trashy sound to add character to their drum tracks. On Atomisonic's website the Dynoray is referred to as a "Level-Loc on steroids".
They took the original circuit design, enhanced it and added extra features which gives the user more control and variety in the types of sounds you can get from this box.

  • Discrete Class A Dynamic FET Compressor
  • Unique Variable Gain Staging FET Mic Preamp
  • Both Balanced and Unbalanced Inputs & Outputs
  • Transformer-Coupled Inputs & Outputs
  • Nickel Input Transformer with Mu Metal Shield
  • "Vintage Style" Steel Output Transformer with Mu Metal Shield
  • The Level-Loc had only one release setting, but the Dynoray offers a variable control. It can be dialed in anywhere from twice as fast to 1.5 times slower than the Level-Loc. This enables fine tuning of the release time to match the tempo of songs and to create unique effects.
  • "Disintegrate" Setting - Turns the Dynoray into a radical distortion device, capable of overdriving every one of its Class A amplifier stages. You can dial in the level of distortion with the main "Amplitude"/volume control, from just a touch, to a level reminiscent of a symphony of buzz saws.
  • Variable "Decay" Control
  • Accepts Mic, Instrument, & Line Level Input
  • Low Impedance Line Level Outputs
  • Phase Reverse Switch - For added convenience when recording drums
Cost: $799

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