Thursday, April 28, 2011

ToneLux OTB16 provides 16 Channel Summing In 1 Rack Space

Tonelux is known for making well built, great sounding gear. The OTB16 would make a great summing unit for any studio where space is limited, and judging from the quality of their other products I'm sure the audio and build quality will be superb.

From the website:
  •  The OTB16 is a 16 channel 1U mixer with 16 balanced inputs and a Tonelux discrete summing bus. 
  •  Each channel has a level control and a panner, and each pair of channels has a button that slaves the right channel level control to the left channel level control. 
  •  Each channel also has a dual color LED, which shows signal level in green and then switches to red at +14dBu. 
  •  The access to the OTB16 is through 2 eight channel Dsub inputs at a level of +4dBu nominal. 
  •  The summing of the 16 channels is through the famous Tonelux TX-240 and TX-260 discrete op-amps, and then throught the main output transformer, which can be adjusted by the MASTER fader pot, which comes out of a pair of XLR connectors. 
  • Additionally there is a monitor fader output for monitoring or for expansion, which is balanced but transformerless, and 2 additional balanced inputs to the MIX bus. 
  • The pre fader monitor output can be plugged into the BUS input to extend the number of channels with a second or third OTB16.

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