Monday, April 25, 2011

Quad Eight Limited Edition Classic Channel Strips

"The 333c Classic and 444 Classic are limited edition recording channel strips from the legendary Quad Eight Electronics.

Each 333c Classic channel strip features an original factory restored, 70’s limited production 3-band eq with many special features including precision stepped potentiometers, with 31 frequencies per band, and .8dB per step gain on each of 3 bands. 11 frequency selectable High and Low pass filter frequencies, +/-15dB overall gain trim and a signal presence led.

The 444 Classic channel strip EQ section includes an original factory restored, 70’s 4-band quasi-parametric eq with separate controls for gain, frequency and Q on each band, with peaking and shelving positions selectable on high and low bands. Two selectable frequencies are available for both High and Low pass filters.

Both Classic equalizers are paired with the QE MP-227, a world-class 70’s single stage preamp, renowned for its warm qualities on guitars, vocals and harmonically complex instruments. Transformer coupled, in and out, selectable input impedance for optimum matching to each microphone, Phantom, Phase, Pad switching, and gain control up to 56dB."

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