Monday, April 25, 2011

Radial Engineering Komit VCA Compressor/Limiter with Auto-Tracking

I was introduced to the Komit when it was being sold by the original manufacturer BMD (Burgin Mcdaniels Design)
The Komit was then purchased by Radial Engineering who added some nice touches to it and now sells the Komit as part of their 500 series line.
Excerpt from the manual:
"The Radial Komit is a combination compressor-limiter designed for ‘one knob’ operation. This eliminates the guess work that often makes dynamic processing a challenge. But don’t let the diminutive front panel make you think that the Komit is ‘limited’… there are tons of features just raring to get used!
The Komit is made up of two major building blocks: the compressor and the limiter. The Flex-Knee™ compression circuit is a voltage controlled amplifi er (VCA) while the limiter is a unique clipping circuit designed to simulate the sound created by old school diode bridge inputs from the early days of radio. In between is a gain make-up control that lets you adjust the output to compensate or drive the clipping limiter to create various effects."

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