Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sonnox Oxford Equalizer Plugin

I have been using Sonnox plugins since they were known as Sony Oxford and the Sonnox Oxford EQ Plugin is one of my favorite equalizer plugins. It's extremely flexible and transparent and has allowed me to perform sonic surgery on many mixes.The equalizer consists of 5 bands. 2 of which are Low and High shelving types. All bands have sweepable frequencies and bandwidth which allow you to dial in just the right amount of boost or cut thats needed. There are also two Shelving filter bands and their slopes vary from 6 to 36 db/octave. I particularly like the fact that no matter how much boost is applied, the equalizer remains natural and smooth sounding. It has four different types of equalizers which can be selected right above the A - B switches.
TYPE-I is reminiscent of the SSL E 4000 series consoles and works great on drums and percussion.
TYPE-II is great for precise surgical eq.
TYPE-III is based on British (Neve) type equalizers and is great for bass guitars, keys, strings, etc.
TYPE-IV is a Constant Power Equalizer which is great for using on the stereo buss and or mastering as it provides subtle adjustments with wide bandwidths over a broad frequency range.
The Sonnox equalizer also has a GML option which only runs on Protools HD/TDM and sounds amazing on vocals.

For further info and to download a demo go to

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