Monday, April 18, 2011

Sonum H2O Preamplifier/D.I.

"Sonum H2O is a class A, discreet-component preamp and it stands out for its incredible overall gain (+69dB), transparency, transient-processing speed as well as for being completely noiseless. In other words: an outstanding professional Line and Hi-z mic preamp.

The internal innovative architecture and its electronic components, which have been carefully selected, have made this product totally different from the other manufacturer's currently on the market. Most notably, H2O is the only real "neutral preamplifier" available today for the standard API 500.

In addition to an unprecedented and innovative architectural formula for the best possible performance, H2O features 48 volt Phantom Power which is gradually managed in order to avoid damage to any linked devices, -17dB active Pad button and a signal Phase button. 
Another useful feature is the 12 micro led Vu-Meter with overload and memory function, that holds in memory the saturation value for a few seconds. "

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