Friday, May 27, 2011

Harrison Mixbus 2.0

Harrison updated their MixBus Software (first released in '09) to Version 2,0 today. They've added many features requested by their 
users and "refined the operation of Mixbus to make it faster, easier, more stable, more creative and more FUN to use."

Here's a summary of the most-requested features that can be found in Mixbus 2.0:

Editor Improvements:
  • New, improved Crossfade, Layering, and Automation editing.
  • "Smart Object" Mode :  Allows a combination of object and range mode.
  • Ripple Editing mode : Greatly speeds up the process of spoken-word and radio edits.
  • Regions are transparent while being dragged, but switch to opaque when you drop them in place.  Line up transients on overdubs with ease!

New Mixer Features:
  • 8 Mix Bus Sends!  We doubled the mixbuses so there are enough for groups as well as FX returns.  Even more of what made Mixbus special!
  • Plugin Effect Control Sliders allow you to map plugin controls directly to controls on the mixer strip.  Give your plugins the Mixbus treatment!
  • Input Trim, Makeup Gain, Sidechain, and Master Limiter controls are now available directly from the mixer window.
  • Improved Mixer navigation and display, including narrow mixer strip and the ability to show/hide Mix Buses as needed.
  • New Phase-Correlation meter on the Master Bus displays mono compatibility of the stereo mix.
  • Polarity (phase) buttons for every mixer strip.
  • Plugins, sends, inserts and the fader now appear in a single redirect box at the top of the mixer strip.  This allows easier signal reordering and allows more space for Mixbus controls.

Other Improvements:
  • New, better documentation and easier installation.
  • More keybindings such as mute/solo/record for selected tracks.  Keyboard power-users never have to touch the mouse for recording & editing.
  • Taller, higher-contrast faders on the mixer strips.
  • Many user-suggested menu tweaks which make the most-used functions easier to find.
  • Range-selection behavior now allows you to drag down across multiple tracks at once - while also supporting edit groups.
  • Realtime automation recording is much more robust; you can even record automation while looping!
  • Automation and Region Gain Line editing is much faster.  You can now grab a range of time and drag the automation line for quick level rides.

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