Friday, May 27, 2011

Listening Challenge: Pro Tools “In the Box,” Neve 8048, and Pro Tools HEAT

Avid has posted a listening challenge on their website comparing a Protools ITB mix with a ITB mix summed on a Neve 8048 and an ITB mix with their very own HEAT plugin. It would be interesting to see which option is the most popular choice.

From the website:

"Many audio professionals believe that certain Neve consoles are the Holy Grail of analog mixing supremacy and are key to getting that coveted warmth in your digital recordings. Many others believe that you can get the same sonic richness mixing in Pro Tools, using plug-ins and no analog gear whatsoever. Still others believe that the answer lies somewhere in between, using analog inserts or summing boxes with an “in the box” Pro Tools mix.
We thought you’d be interested in finding out if your beliefs are in tune with your actual preferences. So, we did a fun experiment (similar to one we did several years ago with a vintage SSL console) at the world famous Village Studios in Los Angeles to see how closely a Pro Tools “in the box” mix being summed on a vintage Neve 8048 console compares with a mix done only “in the box” in Pro Tools—and “in the box” with our new HEAT software add-on, which brings the warmth and character of vintage analog gear to Pro Tools|HD mixes. We invite you to hear the results and judge for yourself."

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