Sunday, May 8, 2011

If you play and/or record acoustic instruments you need this $13 item.

My friend Karl who plays guitar introduced me to the Snark Tuner, He showed me first hand how easy it is to use and at a cost of just $13 (Amazon ) owning one of these is a no brainer.
The SN-2 (red) is an all instrument (chromatic) tuner and the SN-1 (blue) is a guitar/bass tuner.

Snark SN-1/SN-2 Features:
  • Full-color display
  • Display clip rotates 360 degrees
  • Stay-put clip
  • Fast and deadly accurate
  • Tap tempo metronome
  • Pitch calibration 415-466 Hz
  • Transpose feature (± four half steps)
  • Mic/Vibration switch (SN-2 only)

Here's a link to a review of the Snark Tuner  by Barry Rudolph:

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