Saturday, May 21, 2011

Line Audio Design's Microphones

Line Audio Design located in Sweden is a company known for making "quality microphones for demanding situations".


•Large membrane area using triple small membranes.
•The triple membrane cartridge combines the low noise of a large membrane with the fast and detailed response of smaller membranes, which besides their fine tonal quality are tougher and not as easilly destroyed.
•Well balanced, uncoloured response, covering the full audio spectrum.
•Solid deep bass, natural midrange and silky soft top ensures that all qualities of the source and ambience are captured with minimal distortion.
•New"i"-types with even lower noise level!
•Elastic holder and protective case included!

The  QM12i is actually four complete/independent SM3Ls in one body with each membrane angled 90 degrees. It's capable of recording true stereo and quadraphonic (four channel) sound with one microphone!

Prices range from $156.60 (CM3) to $806.77(QM12i Quad Mic).
They can also be purchased from No Hype Audio located in Belgium.

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