Sunday, May 22, 2011

MashTactic - A Remixer's dream come true.

QuikQuak's MashTactic Mashup Tool is a plug-in that can separate various parts of a full audio mix. 
Many sounds, include vocals can be cut or isolated from a track.
* You can have eight different locations, all panned and scaled independently.
* Automated filter sweeps.
* A great tool for mashup music makers. 
* Can be used as a sharp cut-off filter, as demonstration in this video. 
* MashTactic works on transients, allow the user to emphasise and cut percussive sounds, allowing control over the punch of drum tracks for example. 
* Great for analysing stereo spread and mix of a track you're composing.
It will be released shortly for both Mac and PC. Check out the video:

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