Monday, May 9, 2011

Tired of the Loudness Wars? Visit this site & get a free Dynamic Range Metering plugin

From the website:

The Pleasurize Music Foundation began operations in January 2009 and is a nonprofit organization based in California, USA. Their aim is to re-establish dynamics as an essential part and important means of expression of all genres of music.
"DR (or Dynamic Range) is a term for the degree of dynamic variation within a piece of music or album. Low values (e.g. DR3) reflect a high abuse of compression.  Tracks that are DR3 have a range of three decibels between the average and peak program signal.  A natural recording, with a low amount of dynamic processing, would have a much higher DR value (e.g. DR12+).  The DR system is intended to avoid black and white judgment of dynamic quality. While DR7 is low for rock music or very low for Jazz, it is quite acceptable for electronic club music which has nowadays often values below DR4. All values above DR12 have generally a high dynamic quality."
Visit the website and watch the video:
Thanks to my good friend and fellow engineer/producer Frank @Alphabeatmusic for bringing this to my attention.

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