Tuesday, June 14, 2011

AC Sound CLX-VU Custom Dual Channel Compressor - $990 (34% off)

The AC Sound CLX-VU is a dual channel compressor based on the DBX 160VU. It has all the vibe of the original,  but with increased signal fidelity and a lower noise floor. For many engineers the CLX-VU is  their go to compressors for Kick/Snare, Vocals and Bass. It is a Dual Mono/Stereo unit completely calibrated with your choice of XLR or TRS I/O, 120V or 240V operation, Meter graphics and Black face or Silver face knobs. These units are hand-crafted in the USA to your specifications so there is a short wait time (usually less than 10 days) while your unit is assembled and carefully calibrated.
The CLX-VU can be purchased for $990 (a 34% discount) directly from AC Sound

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