Monday, June 13, 2011

Accepting The Truth

"After 6 months of being at the studio and making the full transition from intern to assistant engineer everything that happens at studios became very clear. One of the jobs I had were to organize the tape library. These tapes were held because of unpaid invoices. To see artists on TV, magazines and even in my neighborhood driving around in fancy cars with a lot of jewelry on just didn’t add up. On downtime at the studio I would put up some of these reels and try to match the original song to the mixed version that everyone knew. Between asking a million questions to the engineers and trying every piece of gear possible, I started to learn what each piece of equipment does to sound. Compressors controlled them, equalizers opened them up, reverbs gave them depth and delays doubled them. That was pretty much the basics. The more I learnt about mixing is the more I learnt about myself and people. Platinum Island helped me to have a low tolerance for people because it showed me that I had options. I started to look at everyone differently and one by one I would take them off of the pedestal I’d put them on for years. I couldn’t believe the amount of people that never paid their bills and I always wondered how studios made money after knowing this. It’s even worse for the studios in the smaller market places. I loved Platinum Island because it was “the Truth”. "
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