Monday, June 13, 2011

Looking for a great sounding mic at an affordable price? Stellar CM-6 $374.99

Stellar CM-6 EF86/EF806 Tube Condensor Microphone

From the website:

"The CM-6 is the combination of unabashedly borrowed elements from one of the best microphones of the past and modern high quality audiophile grade components produced with the finest modern manufacturing techniques."
"While respecting the past, every Stellar Custom designed microphones has its own voice and personality. The tonal response of the CM-6 has been described as velvet smooth. The tone circuitry adds the right amount high end air while reinforcing mid and adding fullness to thin sounding audio sources. Without sounding harsh, the CM-6 captures a very accurate, articulate, detailed sound."

  • 1.07” 6 micron gold sputtered German style capsule
  • -<200 ohm Impedance
  • -20hz to 20khz Frequency response
  • -Class A tube preamp featuring a Premium TungSol EF806 tube
  • -BV8 style Dual Bobbin Output Transformer
  • -Power Supply that supplies power for the tube preamp and bias voltage for the capsule. The power supply has a nine position switch that varies the bias voltage to the capsule and enables the CM-6 to operate in 3 primary configurations; cardioid, omni or figure 8 as well as the six intermediate configurations. 
  • -30 foot link cable that connect the CM-6 to the Power supply
  • -AC cable to provide power to the power supply
  • -High quality shockmount
  • -Foam wind screen
  • -Aluminum Road Case
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