Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pro Audio DSP - DSM (Dynamic Spectrum Mapper)

Pro Audio DSP headed by the team of Paul Frindle (Product Design) and Paul Ryder (Software Architect) developed the Dynamic Spectrum Mapper plugin.
"The Dynamic Spectrum Mapper (DSM) application is intended to provide multi-dimensional control over both the spectral response and dynamic characteristics of your audio...".
"It's unique processing and programme capture algorithms allows you to achieve exemplary results in such tasks as compression and enhancement, vocal expression and instrument characterisation very quickly. The ability to capture, modify and re-apply the spectral characteristics of any audio is a powerful creative tool in all stages of the production cycle, from recording and mixing to mastering."


  • Enhance the perceived volume and presence of mixes.
  • Compress even the most difficult programme with increased accuracy and musicality.
  • Characterise and personalise output in completely new ways.
  • Copy and equalise sonic impressions between dissimilar sounding tracks.
  • Process, enhance and ‘tame’ vocal tracks with unprecedented accuracy and speed.
  • Dramatically enhance and increase the intelligibility of dialogue for media post production.
  • Model and characterize instrument sounds to achieve highly creative artistic impressions.
  • Create unique dynamic effects in both level and frequency domains to produce exciting new artistic effects.
Check out the video tutorials on Vimeo.
21 day demo available at

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