Thursday, June 16, 2011

No School Can Teach You This

Full time assistant engineering jobs costed me 80-100 hours a week and yielded me $400-$500 before taxes on average. I didn’t get any over time pay and neither medical nor dental benefits. After taxes I was averaging between $300-$350 per week. One week out of every month went towards rent and I had to survive on 3 weeks of pay. A lockout at a studio is 12 hours but that was 14 hours for me because 1 hour before start time is for setting up the studio and 1 hour after end time is for breaking down the room back to it’s normal state. For the remaining 10 hours out of the day was spent on travel time back and forth from home to studio, girlfriend time and sleep. She worked in retail and our hours didn’t align a lot. 

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