Saturday, July 16, 2011

12 Gauge microphones - Green12 Cardioid Condenser (made from shotgun shells)

12 Gauge Microphones is owned by Brad Martin. Each mic is handmade at his home studio in North Adams, Massachusetts.
Available July 25th

Here's a previous post I did on the Red 12 Omnis ($35):

The RED12 Omni Condenser Microphone is made from shotgun shells!

"The RED12 Microphone is perfect for drum overheads and acoustic instruments such as guitar, mandolin, and violin. The custom assembly achieves the dependable and consistent performance you need for recording inside a compact, aesthetically pleasing shell that is as unique as it is bad ass.  

These omni microphones are built into an actual spent 12-gauge shotgun shell casing!"
Talk about going GREEN!


  1. Am curious as to why you would have a pair of omnis on a short stereo bar like that. Won't give you much of a stereo image or spread.

    Shot gun cartridge microphones strike me as a bit of a gimick really. Can't see how the XLR connector could be secured and the screening of the electronics is going to be negligible..

  2. I'm sure Brad did that for the sake of the pic. Similiar to how on TV shows they alaways have artists singing into a mic without a pop screen because it makes for a better camera shot. I agree they are a novelty that's why i posted it. I think it's pretty ingenious for him to do it, they actually sound decent and at only $35 it makes a great conversation piece. Any questions about the microphones and/or their build quality should be directed to Brad at the website. Thanks for your comments, you made some good points.