Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Danfield Audio's MX30-t Desktop Recording Channel

The Danfield Audio MX30-t would make a great choice for a small or portable studio setup. 
It's the perfect channelstrip to use with a laptop and your favorite interface to record while on the go. The built in compressor with variable attack/release and sidechain HP filter, and the variable input impedance along with switchable HP filter are features that are hardly seen in a unit this compact.

"The MX30-t is an innovative new recording channel for the studio desktop. It is designed for the contemporary recording facility where tabletop rack space is a premium, and there is a necessity for a high degree of control whilst tracking. It is especially suited to applications such as voice recording, ADR post sync recording and voice dubbing. Furthermore, a handy optional mic stand attachment allows the unit to be located within a recording studio - so that it can be located right next to the musician or the sound source."

Input Stage: discrete solid state
Input Impedance: default 1500 Ohms, variable 600-100K Ohms
Output type: Solid state servo floating
Input symmetry: better than 100dB
Output symmetry: better than 100dB
Frequency range: 2Hz to 210KHz
Noise: -124dB
CMMR: 100 dB
Linearity: 0.006%
Distortion (1KHz): <0.0002%
Maximum system level: +27dB
Min gain: +9dB
Max gain: +73dB
Output  Impedance: less than 30 Ohm
High pass filter type: 12 dB /Oct
27-630 Hz

Power requirement:
< 25W supplied by Danfield Audio U500
size: 16*18*7cm
weight: 1.8 Kg 

Cost: 1,709.00 EUR/2,419.98 USD

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