Wednesday, July 20, 2011

UAD Neve 1073 plugin

UAD Neve 1073

This is the EQ setting I used for Amy Winehouse lead vocal on the song "Unholy War" produced by Salaam Remi, recorded by Frank Socorro from the "Back To Black" album. The 1073 ($249) is one of UAD's many Neve emulations. The GUI is an exact replica of the hardware and the sound is very close to the original. 
The 1073 consists of a gain knob and 3 bands of EQ. A high shelf at 12Khz with ±18dB of gain. A mid band with a choice of 6 frequencies also with ±18dB gain and a low shelf with 4 selectable frequencies and ±15dB gain. There is also a low cut knob with a 18db per octave slope at frequencies of 300,160,80 and 50hz (see pic). 
Notice the knobs on the mid and low bands are bi-functional. The outer ring selects the frequency and the inner knob adjusts the gain. As with the hardware there is also a phase switch which comes in handy when using this EQ on live drums where you might run into phase issues because of the use of multiple microphones. The bypass switch (EQL) allows for quick A/B comparisons of the sound before and after processing. The 1073 has a thick, full bodied sound but with tons of sheen if needed. 
For more info and to purchase the 1073 plugin visit UAD's website at​e/equalizers/neve-1073.htm​l

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