Monday, August 1, 2011

J-LAB JLA3 Optical 500 Compressor

"The JLA-3 is a 500-series compressor/limiter designed for use in demanding professional audio applications such as recording, broadcast and touring sound systems.
It has the compression characteristics of widely accepted vintage optical compressors using a long-life interchangeable JT-5 optical gain reduction block for high performance, low power consumption and low heat generation.
"Fast" and "Aggressive" models of plug-in optical blocks are available to custom-tailor the compression curve and timing for a wide variety of applications."

Here's a Youtube clip by ZenPro Audio showing the JLA-3:

J-LAB JLA3 Specifications

  • Module format: API 500 style plug-in dynamic range compressor
  • Meter: Sifam AL-15 Retro VU meter A-scale with amber dial light
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20Khz +/- 0.6 dB / -3 dB points at 6 Hz and 180 KHz
  • Maximum Amplifier Gain:
    Low gain mode: 16 dB
    High gain mode: 40 dB
  • Maximum Output Level (with 600 ohm load):
    +24 dBm at 2 Khz, THD+N < 0.3%
    +22 dBm at 20 Hz, THD+N = 1%
    +24 dBm at 20 Khz, THD+N < 1%
  • THD + Noise (At gain reduction of 0 dB and 10 dB): < 0.3% at 2Khz, low gain, input level +4 dBu, output level +4 dBm
  • Output noise level:
    -55 dBm with gain knob set to 0
    -45 dBm with gain knob set to 100
    77 dB below maximum output level at 2 KHz, gain knob set to 50
  • Gain Reduction: 30 dB maximum gain reduction
  • Attack time < 10 milliSeconds from 0 to 20 dB gain reduction
  • JT-5 Optical Attenuator plug-in module determines release time based on photocell response
  • Release time 1 second +/- 250 milliSeconds for 60% recovery (with JT5 Classic attenuator)
  • On-board connector for stereo link to a second JLA-3
  • Power Supply: Supply current < 100 mA at maximum output level and/or maximum gain reduction
    On-board regulation at +/- 12 VDC with for audio amplifier supply
$849 at ZenPro Audio

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