Monday, August 1, 2011


Thermionic Culture is a company well  known for making unique products that oozes tons of character and attitude. Their newest product "The Nightingale" is no exception. It's a 4 RU unit consisting of a two-channel microphone/line preamp combined with a single channel compressor, D.I. inputs, Phase switches and 2 band equalizer with HPF and LPF filters. Take a look at the pic above and you will see that Thermionic Culture has packed a lot of features into this unit. I like the fact that the compressor can be fed from either mic pre or both which makes it a great choice for recording stereo sources and also as a  buss compressor while mixing.

From their website:
"The Nightingale has 2 x Mic amps with useful valve eq. Both have their own outputs (XLR unbalanced), which can give 20+dBu. These can be combined or taken individually into 1 x vari-mu compressor-based on The Phoenix but with a little more "attitude". The compressor section has its own input ("balanced" XLR) which can be selected instead of a feed from the mic amps, also an XLR "balanced" output capable of +25 dBu.

Apart from the obvious 3 separate parts of 2 hi quality mic amps with eq + superb compressor additional uses are As 2 mic inputs into the compressor for live or studio vocals.
Using the Phase switch on 1 channel, combine 2 snare drum mics thru the compressor for really fat results.
You can take individual outputs and do parallel compression easily by feeding a signal thru 1 mic amp straight to mixing desk/DAW/tape then select the same mic amp output to the compressor,  drive it  and feed the compressor output to another channel on the mixing desk/DAW/tape & combine them..."

MSRP £2125/$3458.65 USD

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