Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Need a way to record no matter where you are? Get this.

Creativity can strike at any time and sometimes its not possible to get to the studio to lay down your song ideas right away. The ProStudioApp allows you to get the song down immediately and even export and send them to the other members of your production team/group/band.

The ProStudioApp - Mobile Recording Studio App V1.3.5 is literally like having a recording studio in your iPhone. The $9.99 app is very simple to use as can be seen from this video on their website:

“…new digital recording tools are going beyond the computer—into the pocket and onto the Web. The increasing power of smartphones means that musicians can now carry a complete digital scratch pad in their pockets, while moving the recording application to the Web allows simple collaboration with anyone from around the world,…”

Visit their website at http://novleg.com/ for more info and download it from the App Store here.

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