Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ART USB Dual TubePre Audio Interface

ART's USB Dual TubePre Audio Interface seems like it would be a great choice for a portable setup especially now that Protools 9 supports any interface. With two tube microphone preamps, DI, Optical Compressor, inserts, SPDIF digital I/O and Latency free monitoring, this USB TubePre packs a lot of features for just $149.
From the website:
"The USB Dual TubePre is the ultimate compact dual channel tube preamp for any basic recording system. Capable of operating as a standalone unit with USB audio interface, or as an expander for any digital system with s/pdif digital input, each channel in the USB Dual TubePre delivers superior tube tone in a fully featured input strip."

  • Two channel Tube based Mic/Instrument preamp computer interface
  • Extremely low noise discrete front end with variable input and output controls
  • Advanced optical output compressor to simplify recording and prevent overload
  • USB connectivity to desktop and laptop computers
  • S/PDIF output for expanding inputs on digital workstations and computer interfaces
  • Latency free Monitoring Mix and Level controls
  • Balanced XLR for lo-Z applications and 1/4" hi-Z inputs for instrument DI applications
  • Separate Gain, Phase Invert, Low Cut Filter and Compressor switches on each input
  • Selectable Dual or Stereo operation of output controls
  • Switch selectable Inserts on each channel
  • Insert jacks provide a preamp direct out for each channel
  • Stereo/ Dual operation of Optical Compressor
  • Mono switch for single input monitoring
  • S/PDIF Sample Rate switch selectable between 44.1K and 48K
  • Precision LED metering of both the preamp and A/D sections
  • Built-in low noise +48 Volt phantom power supply
  • Compact, stackable all aluminum chassis

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