Sunday, July 3, 2011


The Inward Connections Magnum VU Mic Pre is the same as the original Magnum Mic Pre except for the addition of a VU meter and the omission of the the 100 and 200hz HPF. So you get the same great tone, warmth and tons of gain. The Magnum sounds great on many sounds including those with high transients such as drums and also vocals.
Here's a pic of the original Magnum Mic Pre for comparison:
From the website:
"With a warm and upfront low-end, punchy mid-range and open top end, the Inward Connections Magnum VU Mic Pre will bring new life to your recording rig. Classic sounding warmth, but with airiness and headroom for days. Magnum offers something different than the old standbys.
Extra large tone for your lunchbox!"

  • Circuitry features two VF600 all discrete amp blocks
  • LED VU meter that monitors the output level
  • +48VDC phantom power switch
  • Phase reverse switch
  • -20dB pad switch
  • Hi-Z low level line input 1/4" phone jack for guitars, keyboards and low level instruments
  • 12-position rotary trim (5dB per step), 25dB to 80dB selectable range
  • 70hz hi-pass filter
  • Output level rotary control
  • Balanced input and output transformers
  • Fits standard 500 series slot configuration, mechanically and electrically
  • Powder coating in Gunmetal color

$825 at Vintage King

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